The newly redeveloped Octofone Guitar went through several stages to complete the prototypes and final guitars.  A new bridge was designed to bring greater control over the harmonic balance, tone, volume, and sustain duration.  A new bracing system was developed by Jean Larrivée based on his 50 years of experience bringing the guitar up to its fullest potential.  He also designed a double adjusting trust-rod which insures neck adjustment if necessary.  Woods were carefully hand picked from the best woods around the world.  The string gauges and spacings' were calibrated to create the best action possible.   

 By combining the many years of Doc's performance experiences and Jean's years of master craftsmanship, the Octofone 8-string Guitar now stands as one of the most versatile guitars to be redeveloped and made in the USA. 

 The Octofone Guitar has the magic, creative flow, and a new voice musicians search for to soar and experience being in the zone.